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1-2-1 behavioural and training consultations give you the individual support needed to solve your dog’s issues.

Following an initial consult (required of all clients in order to assess the nature of your dog's issue), one-to-one consultations aim to not only address your dog's behaviour, but work up a training plan customised to you and your pup to help you move forward together.




If you and your dog want only to address one or two key issues or perhaps just learn more about doggy behaviour and get some targeted training tips, you might only need an hour or two here or there of one-to-one training time, in which case  personalised training sessions can be booked at £65/hr.

Please note - an initial consultation (via phone or Zoom) and an assessment (in the form of a questionnaire) are required before any sessions in order to identify where any challenges may lie and allow a training plan to be created based on your dog's situation/behaviour and your needs as an owner - these are included in this session price.

(call/vid call)

initial phone
consultation included




£270 (£60 p/h)

If you have a few behavioural issues that need attention or perhaps just want to book a program of ongoing training all in one easy bundle, the Behaviour and Training Program Package includes:​

  • An in-depth pre-assessment

  • An initial consultation via phone or Zoom

  • A 1.5-hour initial consult via home visit to assess your dog, demonstrate practical training, and begin addressing key issues

  • 3x 1 hour follow-on training sessions to be used within 4 months of purchasing

  • A written follow up report and training plan after each visit

  • In cases of vet referral, liasing with your vet regarding your dog's behaviour, copying you into all correspondence (see below)

  • Ongoing email/phone/text support

  • 10% discount when booking any further training follow-on sessions (when booking more than one session at standard £65/hr rate)


Onward Referrals

If, for whatever reason, your dog's behaviour is deemed to warrant further help from alternative sources, quality (and, wherever possible, IMDT-accredited) referral contacts will be provided. Should you choose to accept this referral, we do ask that (where agreed between parties) we (i.e. Jen and possible assistant trainer) attend any sessions you have with a referred trainer or behaviourist in an advisory and assisting capacity.


Immediate referrals (i.e. where an assessment has been carried out and reviewed but a face-to-face consult has not yet taken place) are of course completely free of charge. 

Referrals by Vets

On occasion, some behaviour issues may warrant referral directly from your vet (at their discretion), and/or the sharing of your dog's medical records – in these cases you will be asked to complete a veterinarian referral agreement to consent to this. Any and all correspondence made between myself (Jen Murray) as J Murray Dog Training will be shared with you via email.

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