Want to put the FUN in puppy FUNdamentals? Or train your pup into an AMAZING adult? Join our Pupschool classes! 

Below are all upcoming classes currently available for booking – if you wish, you can book and pay immediately via the online system, or alternatively please browse each for more information or get in touch here with any pre-booking queries you may have.

Please double-check class dates, ensure you have selected the correct class for your puppy's age and have read our Puppy Class Essentials section for details before completing your booking.

Full class details and Terms & Conditions are available here.


  • 6-week term of indoor classes for pups up to 6 months (at term start)


    90 British pounds
  • 5-week term of outdoor classes for all dogs aged from 6 months


    80 British pounds

Puppy Class Essentials


For their own health and well-being as well as that of other attending puppies, your dog must have had their full quota of vaccinations in order to attend any classes, whether outdoor or indoor. Your vet will advise if/when it is safe for your puppy to attend. If you are unsure about vaccinations please consult your vet directly. 
You will need to bring your puppy's vaccination record with you on the first session - please try to arrive 5-10 minutes early for this first class as this gives us time to check everyone's paperwork and still start the class promptly.

Accidents Happen…

Although we DO fully understand that accidents can... and will.... happen... if at all possible, please try to arrive in good time for class so you can give your pup the opportunity to have a wander outside of the class environment and ‘perform’ if they need to, especially if you are attending an indoor class. 
Please make sure you bring a good supply of poo bags with you to all classes in case your pup does need to toilet during the session. If you are attending indoor classes, cleaning facilities and equipment will be available to clean up in the event of an accident. If attending outdoor classes, please bag any solid waste and dispose of it in the bins provided. 

Training Techniques, Treats and Equipment



The J Murray Dog Training method of training relies heavily on rewards with food treats. Although some treats will be available at the class, please bring a good supply of your own treats with you to each session. If at all possible, spend some time before the term of classes start to work out which food treats really get your pup's attention, so you know which are the best to bring to each session.


  • Puppies must wear a collar and/or well-fitted harness bearing the owner’s contact details at all times during classes. 

  • If your pup is wearing a harness, please consider bringing a collar with you as well as your instructor may on occasion advise you that your dog may find some class exercises easier with a collar. 

  • The use of Flexi leads and slip leads are strongly discouraged in classes as they can impede the dog’s ability to perform some of the class exercises. Standard leads with a clip attachment are preferable, ideally at a length of 6 feet, although of course this will be dependent on your dog’s breed.

  • Head collars (e.g. ‘Haltis’) are not permitted in classes as they can restrict the dog’s movement during some training exercises. Muzzles are also not permitted during classes – if your dog is required to wear a muzzle, we would advise speaking to your trainer as may be unsuitable for the course and your trainer may advise alternative behaviour and training programmes.

  • The following items are NOT PERMITTED in classes under any circumstances: choker chains and/or check chains of any description; electronic training collars including citronella; any other device that causes discomfort, pain or fear to the puppy; prong or pinch collars; any equipment that the trainer deems unacceptable.

Children at classes

Although children are more than welcome at our Puppy Classes, they must be accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for their safety and actions of them and their dog at all times during the class. 

We do ask, however, that very young children (those under the age of 6 years old) do not attend classes. Exceptions to this rule may be made but only at the discretion of your JMDT tutor.


We also respectfully request that the person handling the dog during class (i.e. the person assuming control of the dog and performing class exercises with them) be over the age of 10 years old.



Please read the full Puppy Class Terms and Conditions for full details prior to making your booking.