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Hi my name is Jen.
(I'm the one without the big ears).

"I create happy dogs... and even happier owners"

I have spent years of my life dedicated to understanding and training dogs, and now make it my life's work to promote positive training methods... all with one simple goal - to help people enjoy the life they have with their four-legged best friend.

I'll level with you... I didn't always want to be a dog trainer. (When I was little I wanted to be a dinosaur, actually, but that was discouraged…) For ten years or so I was actually a graphic designer, working with a multitude of agencies and big, prestigious brands. Yet I always felt that something wasn't quite right and I couldn't put my finger on what. 

It wasn't until I got 2 Basset Hound pups and set all my time and energy to their training (because Bassets are known to be 'challenging'.... at best!), that I realised something after all these years... I was actually good at this stuff. And I LOVED it. And, just a few months down the line, pro dog trainers I bumped into were commenting on how good my Bassets were. "I've never seen such well-trained Basset Hounds!", says they....while I smugly beam into my morning takeaway coffee...

So I hung up my graphic design pants and began dedicating all of my time to dogs, canine behaviour and training. And, now with courses, accreditations, thousands of hours’ experience and lots of happy dogs under my belt, I am still smugly beaming into that takeaway coffee... because I now get to do what I love every day - work with dogs and their owners... to create happy dogs... and even happier owners!

Jennifer Murray

Founder and Owner



Like a growing number (I am pleased to say) of dog trainers and training bodies today, at JMDT our philosophy when it comes to dog training methods is positivity - positive training for a positive outcome. This means, essentially, that we positively enforce good behaviour in dogs (through the use of food, toys, play and praise as rewards, for example). We never use any techniques or tools that might cause fear, pain or discomfort to a dog - such practices and tools are outdated and cruel and will ultimately lead to more behaviour problems, as well as harm your relationship with your dog... and who would want to do that to their best friend, frankly?


Qualifications, Accreditations & Experience

Gaining Disctinction-Level membership of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) in 2021, J Murray Dog Training is a fully qualified and accredited canine training organisation, and a recognised member of the UK Dog Training and Behaviour Charter. As a fully force-free training organisation, JMDT is also a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild, pioneering positive reinforcement in training.

I am also training canine behavourist with the IMDT, hold qualifications in canine behaviour and am accredited by CPD, ICOES and TQUK certification bodies. 

I am also qualified in both canine and human first aid.

Any certification documentation can be seen on request.

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Our training goal

JMDT's goal is, to all intents and purposes, to help you have the life you want with your dog. Whether this is by training in some great behaviours you like to see or training out a particular behaviour that is bothersome to you - either one of you.

No amount or technique of training will create the perfect dog - there's no such thing as a perfect dog. (There's no such thing as a perfect human, so why should there be a perfect dog? That's just unfair!) However, through positive training and communication, there can be perfect partnerships between dog and owner and perfect lives together... that's what we want to see.


Got you covered

I am fully insured as both a dog trainer and dog walker so you and your pup will be in safe hands, whatever your needs and whatever the circumstances.

Any and all paperwork can be available on request.